Michal Ben Yishai breathes and creates jewelry with unique design lines - authenticity combined with a modern elegant touch - expressing simplicity and clarity.
Michal draws inspiration from raw materials as found in nature. Instead of covering imperfections with essence and precious stones, they become prominent and accentuated. As such, these jewels become part of a new design language, speaking in a new way to create original jewelry.
The collection is designed in silver/gold (22/18/14K) set with gems, diamonds, coins, antique jewelry and a variety of ethnic elements.
You can choose jewelry from the existing and renewed collection, or design according to your taste. The collaborative design process, the combination of choosing your personal elements, the possibility of reusing your old gold/silver in order to create a new one, while maintaining Michal's unique line of art, make your jewelry valuable and add sentimental value. . The jewel becomes a part of you, a valuable jewel of a container.
Orly Ariely