Michal Ben Yishai

Nice to meet you

My name is Michal Ben Yishai

I breathe and create jewelry with unique design lines. I believe in authenticity combined with a modern elegant touch expressing simplicity and clarity

I design jewelry especially for you. I believe that jewelry is a very significant and valuable item that can be given and received, it will accompany us throughout life, it has sentimental value, it retains its value, certainly if it is made of gold or silver and embedded with diamonds

I draw inspiration from raw materials as they are found in nature. Instead of covering flaws with material and precious stones, I emphasize and highlight these flaws and then the jewelry becomes part of a new design language, which speaks in a new way

The jewelry is made by hand with special attention to the small details and a high level of finish, starting with the selection of the diamonds that I choose one by one like sweets, the inlay work, and the processing of the materials with a special twist

One of my favorites is a collaborative design process, which combines the selection of your personal elements with the possibility of reusing old gold/silver that you have in order to create new, while maintaining my design style. These items make your jewelry valuable and add sentimental value. The jewelry becomes a part of you