Jewelry designer Michal Ben Yishai believes that beauty and beauty go together

By Nili Bar Lev/ Onlife website

Michal is the kind of person you fall in love with from the second you meet them. in her and her jewelry. She is beautiful, models in jewelry shoots, and is insanely talented.
Michal's jewelry is handmade, made of gold and diamonds that she chooses one by one, and there are also silver jewelry. The jewelry is studded with diamonds in a variety of colors, diamonds in their raw form, as well as gemstones or stones that have not been processed, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants, fine jewelry that fits together and is best worn with "stories" from a fine diamond chain that is attached to the neck, below it is a chain in the design of wings A bee, a medallion chain painted in enamel, and finally "mala" the latest fashion trend, which are long chains of gems combined with gold elements, onyx stones, diamonds, and a gold pendant. A combination of several styles and each time create a new story.
The ring niche is very rich with 18 carat rings with a matte finish and black diamond inlays that have become a leading trend, rings inlaid with unprocessed diamonds, an antique polished diamond, or special ancient stones that she collects from collectors. Signet rings in an ancient style like in England and set with diamonds, rings with stars as a sign for children and more.
And the bracelets are also different and special. A combination of everyday materials with super high-quality materials, a high-quality diamond that is set on a cable or woven on an interesting thread. "Diamonds in jeans" she calls them, a combination of luxury with the everyday.
But the highlight are the earrings. Earrings of different lengths with many elements from different and diverse worlds such as the world of animals, rock-and-roll, stars, flowers, and more. Most of them are set with small and delicate diamonds and radiate elegance and luxury. The highlight is when her customers turn to her and say " Michael, shape my ear". She designs their ear with her jewelry according to order and planning with the customer, a designed ear as evidenced by jewelry.
Michal says that her customers take the jewelry off her, they trust her taste and want to be like her. I can really understand why.
By Nili Bar Lev/ Onlife website
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