"Noble and precious metal, found and used by men since the beginning of recorded history, ancient and still attractive and inspiring. Overwhelmed with Gold, I stare at the shiny substance, unable to just stand aside - and so creation has begun...".

Michal Ben Yishai, breathing and creating jewelry with unique design lines - authenticity combined with a modern elegant touch - expressing simplicity and clarity.

Michal is inspired by raw substances as found in nature. Rather than covering up flaws in substance and precious stones, they are made prominent and highlighted. As such these jewels become part of a new design language, speaking out in a new way to create original jewelry.

The collection is designed in silver/gold (22/18/14K) set with gemstones, diamonds, coins, ancient jewels, and a variety of ethnic elements.

Jewelry may be selected from the existing and renewed collection, or designed to your liking. The collaborative design process, combining your selection of personal elements, an option to reuse old gold/silver that you have in your possession in order to create a new one, while maintaining Michal's unique line of art, makes your jewelry valuable and adds sentimental value . The jewelry becomes part of you, a valuable piece of jewelry by Michal.