Michal do me an ear goes up a notch and becomes even more exciting with
Piercing parties in the studio and other surprises!
There is nothing like an exciting party at the end of which you go home with new bling
Excited to invite you to a piercing party to be held at the studio at Osishkin 49, Ramat Hasharon.
On 10.05 at 17:00-20:30

You are already asking a lot of questions and I am summarizing everything for you here.
For further questions, please contact the studio
at number 054-5907097
When does the piercing party take place?
Wednesday, May 10 from 17:00 to 20:30
Do you need to make an appointment? ?
Yes. The queues are already filling up and there are a few free places left
You can arrive and enter also on the basis of available space
You can make an appointment at number 054-5907097
What is the price of the piercing? ?
The cost of the piercing is 150 NIS.
The cost of the earring is added to the cost of the piercing

What earrings is the piercing done with? ?
The piercing is done with earrings that are intended for piercing.
You can use titanium medical earrings purchased directly from the piercer
And can be upgraded to a gold earring that I designed and created especially for the piercing.
Should I decide in advance which earring I want to buy ?
You can fantasize, but I recommend coming with an open mind
Because a lot depends on the structure of your ear and you may want an earring that is less suitable for the structure.
We guarantee that we will find the perfect design for you because this is our specialty, ear design.
How is the hole made? ?
In the area of ​​the earring (normal earrings) it can be done with clips or using a needle.
in cartilage only with a suitable needle.
Is it possible to do a hoop piercing from the beginning? ?
It is recommended not to!
The hoop takes a long time to heal due to its constant friction with the hole structure.
I do not recommend piercing with a hoop, because in my eyes it is unnecessary to go through such suffering and many times it is very discouraging and makes you lose weight before the hole heals.
You can pierce with a medical titanium earring and after the recovery period move to a hoop
Is it possible to make several holes together? ?
Depends on what type of piercing and on which side, come and decide together.
I don't want to get pierced, I can still come to the party ?
what a question!!! There is going to be a celebration party! And you are cordially invited.
You are invited to purchase a piece of jewelry, design an ear for it, and also just come and absorb good energy and love.

Really excited