A personal jewel

By Ronit Matias / Walla Consumerism

Jewelry designer Michal Ben Yishai launches a collection of handmade jewelry, made of gold and silver inlaid with diamonds and high quality stones, handmade and of a high level of finish, with her twist and personal touch that have become her hallmark.
The jewelry is set with diamonds in a variety of colors, and also in their raw form, with gemstones: aqua marine and ruby, and unprocessed stones, onyx stones, ancient stones that she collects in the markets. The collection includes earrings of different lengths, some with elements of animals, flowers and rock-and-roll, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants, which combine together and create a new story, rings with stars as a marker for children.
The inspirations: animals, snakes, bees, tigers, fish and butterflies, tattoos - she developed a method for designing tattoo jewelry in which she empties the jewelry of the material and fills it with enamel colors. Ben-Yishi designs jewelry to order from the initial planning stage or based on an existing piece of jewelry that you want to change. Available at the store in Ramat Hasharon.
Orly Ariely