By Sharon Gottlieb/Salona
Meet Michal Ben Yishai, jewelry artist and goldsmith of dreams. Oh and one more little thing, she is also a full-time mother of five children (We are already fans!)

A jewel with character
Michal doesn't design just another piece of jewelry. The uniqueness of Michal's art is the customization of each ring or pendant like a suit or glove. Everything is done in Taylor immediately, there is hardly any. Everything is done precisely and meticulously. Michal dedicates a considerable amount of time to her lessons in order to understand and learn their character and thus she creates a piece of jewelry that matches the character of the specific customer and not another one that is swallowed up in the landscape.

Ben Yishai draws her inspiration from many places. She loves antique jewelry and as part of her work she reads books on archeology and antiquities and in some of her works she uses elements that she found in these books. Michal draws considerable inspiration even from the world of animals. Each animal has its own meaning: a fish is considered a symbol of fertility and a snake is considered a symbol of regeneration, medicine and healing.

The nature of a container is very diverse. On the one hand she can be very classic and refined and on the other hand she is not opposed to an eclectic combination of jewelry and tattoos. As you can see in her works, Michal loves connections from all kinds of worlds.

Michal likes to connect the world of jewelry with the world of tattoos. There are a lot of people who love tattoos but don't dare to do them for various reasons, a tattoo is very similar to a gold piece of jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation and because of that it is almost immortal. From this point, she took the insight into the world of tattoos and built an entire tattoo collection which is actually a combination of drawings drawn by a tattooist with whom she works a lot. Together, the two created a joint collection of special things that you won't find anywhere else. It started as a women's collection and recently a lot of men connect with her jewelry.

Her clients are diverse, but mainly include women aged 35 and over. that come to her from all over the country: Kiryat Shmona, Omer and the Arabah and even Mayilat.

Michal points out that she has a lot to contribute and give - especially to women. According to Michal, personal style is super important and the jewelry is what helps to do the fine tuning - the fine tuning of the final look.

Orly Ariely