Fashion Israel, by Maya Oshri Cohen, 07.08.2022
Michal Ben Yishai: "Gold jewelry maintains its beauty over the years and only gets better. Its color gets stronger, it gets rough like a fingerprint of life." The gold processing methods are many and varied and sometimes she prefers to preserve the material in its raw form and thus creates unprocessed block jewelry, which are not shiny and shimmery and bear a personal stamp. You can also find silver jewelry, jewelry set with diamonds in a variety of colors, diamonds in their raw form, as well as gems or stones that have not been processed, from the quarry straight to the jewelry.
Pearl necklace Michal Ben Yishai

Michal Ben Yishai: "My jewelry is not fashion, it is temporary." Looking for a piece of jewelry that you won't find anywhere else? You should get to know Michal Ben Yishai, who turns dreams into reality and designs handmade gold and silver jewelry with inlays of diamonds and precious and high-quality stones, with her personal handprint made of high-quality raw materials and a high level of workmanship.

Michal studied a bachelor's degree in product design and goldsmithing, connected to fashion and styling from a young age, she designed and made "dressing" for homes, and aesthetics for her is like air to breathe.

Michal Ben Yishai designs jewelry especially for you, and believes that beauty and beauty go together. A piece of jewelry is a very significant and valuable item that can be given and received, it will accompany us throughout life, it has a sentimental value, it retains its value certainly if it is made of gold or silver and set with diamonds, and it will forever make us beautiful and special.

The jewelry is made by hand paying attention to the small details and a high level of finish as only perfectionists like her know, starting with the selection of the diamonds that she chooses one by one like candy, the inlay work, and the processing of the materials with her special twist and touch that have become a hallmark of her jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is a story in itself

What's in the collection? The range is extremely wide, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. The jewels are delicate and blend into each other to make a fascinating whole. Each piece of jewelry stands on its own and together they combine a new story. "I like to wear the jewelry in layers" It is the combination of the jewelry that creates the interesting and different twist, and each one can choose every day new combinations of chains according to her mood, and create a new story and a different look. The rings designed by Michal are different from anything you have known, whether These are 18-carat rings with a matte finish and inlays of black diamonds that have become a leading trend, rings inlaid with unprocessed diamonds, a diamond with an antique polish, or special ancient stones that she collects from collectors. Signet rings in an ancient style like in England and set with diamonds, rings with stars as a sign for children and more. Special designs inlaid with black, white, brown or transparent diamonds, or with gemstones such as aqua marine and ruby. Each piece of jewelry looks different, each piece of jewelry is exclusive. There is a very rich collection of earrings of different lengths with many elements from different and varied worlds such as the animal world, rock-and-roll, stars, flowers, and more. Most of them are set with small and delicate diamonds and radiate elegance and luxury. The bracelets are also different and special. Designs that combine everyday materials with super high-quality materials, a high-quality diamond that is set on a cable or woven on an interesting thread.

Sources of inspiration "Everything turns me on" says Michal, "things I see, experience, hear and meet. It can be tattoos, animals, rock and roll, inspirations from life. My head is constantly looking for new materials, recently I am very connected to the special motifs drawn from the animal world. Snakes in the image of which I create a lot of jewelry because for me the snake is renewal, it sheds its skin and creates a new one, and it is feminine to me. It is not for nothing that he is a symbol of medicine. Also bees, tigers, fish and butterflies. I am connected to the world of tattoos, I have developed a method for designing tattoo jewelry in which I empty the jewelry of the material and fill it with enamel colors.

Personal design for a large part of my clients. I design jewelry to order. From the initial planning stage or based on an existing piece of jewelry that you want to change. The customers relate to my style and want everything I wear. They take jewelry off me because they trust my taste.

What is the piece of jewelry that is a "best seller" and is identified with you? An earring that I designed a few years ago and still makes, a small and delicate hoop for the upper part of the ear, which looks like two hoops. I've already seen people copy me with this model, it's a stolen jewel.

Michal Ben Yishai

The dream is happening right now

"Two years since I opened the store, and I love what I do. I am connected to art and to people. It is the totality of both together and not just being a jewelry designer, I have clients for years that I am connected to and meaningful to them. Yes, I believe that I will break even beyond the borders of the country, Israel is a small country, I am talented and I have something to offer and it will happen. I am flourishing and my face is forward.

Michal Ben Yishai

Michal Ben Yishai

What about a collection for men?

Well-dressed men are very much to my taste and I think it flatters them. Currently there is a small collection that includes bracelets with engravings, rings and necklaces. For some of the men who come into the store, I design a piece of jewelry together with them and according to their taste, and there are many who choose from the women's collection, and it looks great. It's all about opening your mind to the second and the different, and daring.

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