moccasins / By: Hagit Argman
Michal Ben Yishai, jewelry artist and goldsmith of dreams. Michal's jewelry design is done uniquely with customization of each item, ring, pendant and earring more..

The design is done precisely, with attention to every detail, according to the customer's requirements and to match the matching jewelry specifically. Michal designs jewelry and makes dreams come true for her clients using gold, silver, diamonds and gems.

The owner of the brand in her works ancient stones, elements from the ancient world, raw diamonds and unpolished gems, cotton threads and even velvet ribbons. Her combinations present the jewelry in a simple way. and accessible, but at the same time lots of style, luxury, aesthetics and power. The use of gold is in a matte finish and her works combine different and diverse worlds and sources of inspiration, among her works you will find ancient Egyptian inspirations, inspirations from animals, and even inspirations from the world of music - rock and roll, tattoos and other surprises.

Photography: Or Danon

Michal loves antique jewelry and as part of her work she reads books on archeology and antiquities and in some of her works she uses elements that she found in these books. Michal draws considerable inspiration even from the world of animals. Each animal has its own meaning: a fish is considered a symbol of fertility and a snake is considered a symbol of regeneration, medicine and healing.

Photography: Or Danon

Michal has a diverse personality, on the one hand she can be very classic and refined and on the other hand she is not opposed to an eclectic combination of jewelry and tattoos. As you can see in her works, Michal loves connections from all kinds of worlds

Michal likes to connect the world of jewelry with the world of tattoos. A tattoo is very similar to a gold piece of jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation and that is why it is almost immortal. From this point, she took the insight into the world of tattoos and built an entire tattoo collection which is actually a combination of drawings drawn by a tattooist with whom she works a lot. Together, the two created a joint collection.

Photography: Or Danon

Her jewelry participated in a fashion project, a jewel with art in Milan, photographed next to sculptures in the Picasso Museum in Milan in Duomo square, next to a spectacular collection of wedding dresses. The design we chose to be part of the project was a classic vintage style, the color of the jewelry perfectly matched the style photographed next to a classic work, and as Yes, even alongside modern exhibits in the museum, a connection of the two elements was created, emphasizing each of the works.

Michal's jewelry evokes emotion, delicacy and set out on an exciting journey and the fulfillment of a dream to be part of being exhibited and photographed in Milan alongside artistic culture and spectacularly beautiful architecture.

Orly Ariely