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This necklace is part of a special project that was born from the desire of the reserved duty men from Mesaya'at 71 to give a a special token of appreciation to their wives as a tribute to the long reserve period in which they were not at home.

They wanted to give a special piece of jewelry that will be passed from generation to generation and will symbolize the bravery and possession of female power.

I drew the inspiration for this chain, in collaboration with the wives who approached me, the legendary warrior masks. This inspiration was translated into a model of a necklace in my design with parachute wings spread out to the sides and a heart in the center.

A beating, loving and proud heart that is well placed in the center of the wings.
On our hearts we engraved "You whom my soul loves"
An interpretation of the Song of Songs for that beloved who will receive this exciting piece of jewelry.
It could be a grandmother who looked after the grandchildren, a woman who looked after the house, a friend, a girl who missed her father or a sister who couldn't sleep at night.
So to all of you!!
Our reserved duty man dedicate the necklace with these words:
"You - who are as strong as a lioness, who gave me wings and strength to continue the mission we set out on October 7th.
You - the one I love so much. I want to give you wings, those who know how to stand up against strong winds, who know how to rise above the difficulties and fly to a better and better future.
You are the love of my soul!

The chain is now on the website at a special introductory price and especially for our fighters.

On pre-order until the end of February

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